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We provide support for the Nortel Phone System, Nortel Troubleshooting, and Nortel Repair as well as Nortel Upgrades for small to medium size businesses.

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As a Certified Nortel Phone Repair company, we are able to meet the needs of businesses like yours. The Nortel phone system is a robust system with many parts, and systems having a telephone repairman like us is extremely important to businesses depending on their telephones.  Nortel was a great Small Business Phone System, but today we offer upgrades for and advanced Cloud Based phone systems that provide greater flexibility.

When your telephone system is failing to perform we will work to quickly and efficiently resolve the telephone system problems. We routinely provide Nortel Phone System Repair, and Nortel Phone Troubleshooting.   Our telephone technicians will resolve common phone issues such as dial tone problems, wiring issues, down the system, program changes,  problems with voice quality, carrier issues, dropped calls, and VOIP connectivity.  As a full-service telecom provider, we are experts in troubleshooting and resolving any office phone system equipment issue. Whatever you need, our telephone repair technicians are here to help.


Diagnose and Repair Business Phone Systems

  • Repair your business Phone System
  • Upgrade Mobile Sync ability
  • Install Jacks and add Telephone Stations
  • Program or Reprogram Phone System
  • Move or Relocate Phone Systems
  • Telephone System Troubleshooting
  • Install additional Phone Equipment
  • Add Extensions
  • Telephone Wiring
  • Nortel Troubleshooting
  • Meridian Troubleshooting
  • Add or Repair Voicemail Systems
  • Repair Bad internal wiring
  • Telephone Cabling

We offer 24/7 Emergency Business Phone Repair


Nortel System Repair

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Nortel Troubleshooting | Upgrades | Nortel Repair

We are proud to have one of the largest pools of Nortel Technicians providing Nortel Troubleshooting and Nortel Support in about 37 states across the country.  This pool of technicians is aging and we are working hard to continue to retain these valued technicians as these systems age.  The Nortel Phone System was extremely popular for about two decades and was considered a strong, reliable office phone system for small to medium size businesses.  We know that businesses rely on their telephone system for day-to-day activities.

Nortel Phone System

Nortel Telephone  Repairs

  • Nortel: Norstar, BCM 200, BCM 400, BCM 450,Meridian, 616, CICS, MICS, BCM 1000, BCM 50, Call Pilot, Startalk Flash, NAMS. M2616D, M3904, M7208, M7100, M7310, M7324, T7316e, T7316E, T7316, T7208, T7100, T7406E and T24.  If you need to get replacement telephones we offer them through our collaboration with telephone system supply.

Norstar and Nortel Networks produced some amazing phone systems including the Nortel Phone System, which were reliable and dependable with an exceptional lifespan. We routinely provided installation of Nortel as we were one of the Nortel Dealers.  Today we continue to support the Nortel Telephone System even though the manufacturer no longer provides support on this legacy phone system.   So if you need Nortel Repair we are one of few remaining Nortel Support Centers available.



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