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We provide professional installation of  Small Business Phone Systems Fort Myers,  designed to meet the needs of virtually any sized business.

As well as offering telephone systems such as Avaya repair in Tampa. Nearly 30 years of telecom experience from Telcom PBX bring highly skilled technicians to assist business organizations.

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“Solving Problems – Meeting Needs”

        We offer well over 17+ telephone systems from Copper Line Line Systems, to IP PBXs, to Cloud Phone Systems with various functions.    We have one of the best Clouds for those migrating from traditional phone systems with features that give you the ability to play a call on hold and yell across the room “Jill pickup 2”.   Our team has been in the traditional phone business for years and with premise-based Standard phone systems, it was clear one system can not meet the needs of every single business model. However, for years hosted providers are just single source providers.

We believe that needs determine Solutions

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If you are looking for quality Office phone repair in Florida or looking for a small business phone system that you need you have found the right place!  We also offer repairs of: Avaya Repair, Nortel Repair, NEC Phone Repair, Comdial, and Lucent phone repair.

Telcom PBX is both a  provider of  Digital Phone Systems, Wiring Phone Systems, and IP Phone Systems.  We specialize in repair and are a telephone system installers.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF to get a Cloud Phone System.  We like to say “Solving Problems – Meeting Needs” because we are here to help you upgrade your existing phone system, repair your old phone system, or install new business phone systems.   In addition, we are providing unified communications and network cabling installation.   We offer state-of-the-art systems like: Hosted PBX, and Voip for business.  We strive to make it an easy, straightforward, affordable transaction for your business.  We are an c3x Partner

We also provide  24/7 day-a-week Emergency Service to keep your phone system up and running when you need it.

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Location: Fort Myers Metro

Phone: 1-(877)-690-7705  | (239) 291-7966

We at TelecomPBX provide local coverage for: Office phone repair Fort Myers, and more. We are an Avaya telephone repair Fort Myers, CLOUD Phone, NORTEL REPAIR, specialist, and Avaya Partner.  State of the art telephony: VoIP for Business, Cloud Phone, an Atlantic Business Systems Partner.  Business Phone Systems Providers in Fort Myers FL.

Fort Myer, FL

  Emergency Business Telephone Repair Available 

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Avaya Repair

“Meeting Needs and Solving Problems”

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